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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Texas Blue Alerts and how do they work?

Texas Blue Alerts are designed to speed in the apprehension of violent criminals who kill or seriously wound local, state, or federal law enforcement officers. © Provided by NBC Dallas File image of police lights.

What does a Blue Alert System Officer DO?

Operate, maintain & improve the National Blue Alert System that enables communication between law enforcement, transportation & news/social/wireless medias. Work to bring support to the families of fallen officers. The unexpected loss of life & loss of everyday function puts a strain on these families.

What is the criteria for a blue alert?

According to Texas DPS, the criteria for a blue alert is as follows: A law enforcement officer must have been killed or seriously injured by an offender. The investigating law enforcement agency must determine that the offender poses a serious risk or threat to the public and other law enforcement personnel.

How do I get the Blue Alert Law in my state?

See if your State has the Blue Alert Law by clicking the About Us tab above. If your State does not have it, Call your State Reps., and tell them you want the Blue Alert Law in your State.

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