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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Blue Line in law enforcement?

The Blue Line Identifier™. Proponents say that the idea behind the various graphics that incorporate a thin blue line is that law enforcement is a Thin Blue Line that stands between chaos and order or between criminals and the potential victims of crime, and it is primarily used to show solidarity with police.

What does Blue Alert mean?

Meaning of blue alert. blue' alert'. Pronunciation: [key] (in military or civilian defense) an alert following the first, or yellow, alert, in which air attack seems probable.

What is a blue alert in Texas?

Texas adopts 'Blue Alert' to use when officers killed. Texas adopts 'Blue Alert' to be used when officers killed. Texas is following Florida's lead by launching a statewide Blue Alert network — a technological program similar to the Amber Alert that will be used to help find suspects accused of killing or seriously hurting police officers.

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