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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can issue a blue alert in Texas?

Only law enforcement agencies can ask the Department of Public Safety to issue a Blue Alert. For the DPS to issue an alert, the requesting agency has to determine that suspects pose a serious threat to the public or other law enforcement officials, and detailed descriptions of their vehicles must be available.

What is a blue alert and why Did I get one?

People across the state of Texas are now asking, “what is a Blue Alert, and why did I just get one on my phone?” Blue Alerts have been active in the state of Texas since Governor Rick Perry signed an executive order in 2008 to speed up the apprehension of criminals who seriously injure or kill law enforcement officers.

What does a Blue Alert System Officer DO?

Operate, maintain & improve the National Blue Alert System that enables communication between law enforcement, transportation & news/social/wireless medias. Work to bring support to the families of fallen officers. The unexpected loss of life & loss of everyday function puts a strain on these families.

Who is in charge of AMBER Alerts in Texas?

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) was given legislative authority to coordinate the state’s AMBER Alert network, which has served as the role model for the subsequent Silver, Blue and Endangered Missing Persons alert programs. Title

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