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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best lawn care services?

Popular lawn care services include: 1 Light tree trimming 2 Shrubbery shaping and pruning 3 Mulching, fertilizing, and aerating soil 4 Watering grass and plants 5 Removing dead plants, weeds, and invasive plants 6 Cutting grass 7 Clearing space of any light fallen branches 8 Planting flowerbeds More ...

What can you expect with lawn Doctor?

Here's what you can expect with Lawn Doctor A lawn care expert will come to perform a full analysis of your lawn’s current health status. We will develop a one-of-a-kind lawn care service plan and outline exactly what you should expect with each treatment.

What does a lawn maintenance company do?

A lawn maintenance company focuses on providing regular care. Common lawn care services include watering, removing weeds or invasive plants, cutting the grass on a regular schedule, and removing any small fallen branches or dead plants.

What are the basics of lawn care?

Lawn care basics start with your soil. Soil is made up of minerals, organic matter (living and dead), air and water. Soil provides nutrients and serves as a foundation for plants. Improving your soil increases plant health and is critical to growing a lawn or garden you’ll enjoy in your yard for a lifetime.

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