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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you care for a lawn?

Mow your lawn, but mow it high. Mowing it short forces the grass to go into panic mode, using all its reserved nutrition to grow its blades longer so that it can get more sun. This leaves the root system weaker, which makes for sickly grass that is easily choked by weeds. Additionally, taller grass creates shade.

What does a lawn care specialist do?

A lawn care specialist might work on someone’s residential property or maintain the grounds for communities. Their job is to make gardens, yards, and parks pleasing to the eye. Lawn care specialists handle a variety of chemicals to help stop weeds and allow lawns to flourish.

What is a lawn care?

Under this Contract, lawn care companies perform some of the time-consuming and complicated tasks of lawn maintenance. These may include analyzing, fertilizing, and seeding the soil; controlling and killing weeds and pests; and caring for trees and shrubs.

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