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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best lawn care services?

Popular lawn care services include: 1 Light tree trimming 2 Shrubbery shaping and pruning 3 Mulching, fertilizing, and aerating soil 4 Watering grass and plants 5 Removing dead plants, weeds, and invasive plants 6 Cutting grass 7 Clearing space of any light fallen branches 8 Planting flowerbeds More ...

Should I hire a lawn maintenance company near me?

For instance, pruning shrubbery may seem easy at first, but sculpting a neat line can prove more difficult. A lawn maintenance company can craft a desirable arrangement. Assess your ability and the tasks at hand to determine if your project is DIY or if you need to hire a professional lawn maintenance company near you.

What is the difference between lawn maintenance and landscaping services?

Despite how it may appear, lawn maintenance and landscaping services are used by homeowners for very different reasons. Although both focus on maintaining the appearance and health of a yard, homeowners will often find themselves using one service more than the other. Landscaping services focus on more than routine lawn care.

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