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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you replace mower blades?

Wedge a scrap piece of wood between the mower blade and the mower deck so that the blade will not move. Spray the bolt that secures the blade to the mower with penetrating oil. Spray the bolt liberally and allow the oil to soak for two hours. Place a correct size socket wrench over the head of the bolt.

Are Craftsman Mowers made by MTD?

MTD makes Craftsman lawn, yard, and garden tractors as well as our "professional" walk behind mowers. Husqvarna makes the Craftsman rotary mowers and Husqy is owned by Electrolux and as far as I know, Husky mowers come out of a Husky factory.

Who sells Craftsman lawn mowers?

by: Paul Sikkema. We all know Sears and Craftsman have had their products made for them since the 70’s. This article will go through the current Riding Mower, Tractor and Zero-Turn Manufactures of the 2015 products Sears sells under the Craftsman Brand.

Where is the air filter on a craftsman lawn mower?

The air filter in a Craftsman lawn mower with a 4.75 horsepower engine is on the left side of the mower body.

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