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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Tru-cut Mowers made?

Founded in 1953, and incorporated in 1973 in Los Angeles, California, Tru-Cut evolved from Starlite Manufacturing Company, a lawn mower and aerospace product manufacturing company. Traditionally, Tru-Cut products have been marketed and sold through a network of distributors.

Does Lowes sell lawn mower blades?

Lowe’s carries a variety of lawn mower blades to make sure your mower cuts like it should. We also have lawn mower tires if yours are worn out, lawn mower lifts for tackling maintenance tasks on riding mowers and more.

Where can I buy patio furniture in St Charles MO?

CHARLES LOWE'S ABOUT ST. Charles Lowe's For those in the Saint Charles, MO area looking to improve their home, your community Lowe's is here to help. Whether you're looking for patio furniture, major appliances, paint or something in between, you can find it at the ST. Charles Lowe's.

Why choose art's lawn mower shop?

Art's Lawn Mower Shop is celebrating over 65 years of business in the St. Louis area, which was made possible by focusing on customer service. Coming to Art's you will find a Staff with a Full Range of Power Equipment Expertise, including:

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