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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Craftsman lawn tractors made?

They were mainly part of a larger brand called Sears, but today they are completely independent and produce some of the best mowers to assemble. The trademark of Craftsman was registered in 1927. Craftsman Lawn Mowers are mainly produced in China, although some are manufactured in Taiwan.

Where is the carburetor located on a lawn mower?

Identify the fuel line attached to the tank. The line will most often be located near the bottom of the gas and attached by means of a small clamp. Follow the fuel line from the tank to the connection point with the carburetor.

Where is the battery on a riding lawn mower?

Locate the battery in your lawnmower. Riding mowers battery placement is under either the seat or the hood. Push mower batteries are generally on the deck near the handle in a black box.

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