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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a lawn mower service cost?

Hourly rates for the repairs of the lawnmower differ and highly depend on the type and brand of the mowing equipment, mechanic's fee, mowing concerns and parts that need fixing. Usually, the lawnmower maintenance service price starts at $60 to $100 per hour for big-name brands like Kawasaki, Kohler, and more.

Do lawn mowers need a muffler?

If you need a new lawn mower muffler, exhaust manifold, muffler guard, or exhaust pipe, Jack's has the parts to keep your equipment quiet. A small engine muffler helps reduce the noise level of your generators, lawn mowers, chainsaws and other power equipment.

Is lawn mower oil?

Oil in the lawn mower engine is the lubricant that keeps the parts moving. It decreases the friction caused by the motion of the parts that would otherwise heat the engine so high that the metals would swell and cease to operate.

What is a snapper lawn mower?

The Snapper self-propelled lawn mower is designed for people to manage their lawn efficiently and make it look good. Driven by a 190cc self-propelled engine, the unit gives all the power you need to tackle your yard.

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