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Frequently Asked Questions

Do lawn mowers need a muffler?

If you need a new lawn mower muffler, exhaust manifold, muffler guard, or exhaust pipe, Jack's has the parts to keep your equipment quiet. A small engine muffler helps reduce the noise level of your generators, lawn mowers, chainsaws and other power equipment.

Where are World lawn mowers made?

All Worldlawn mowers are built using high quality, world class components including Kawasaki and & Briggs & Stratton engines, Hydro-Gear transmissions and Parker wheel motors. Top performance & maximum durability. Based in Beatrice, Nebraska, Worldlawn Power Equipment emphasizes quality machines at a great value.

Which lawn mower engine is best?

As far as for a homeowner, Honda is considered highest quality for push/self-propelled mowers (along with many other product lines). Briggs are very common to see as well, and many folks love them. Kawasaki is often considered top of the line for lawn tractors and zero turn mowers, extremely high quality & durable.

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