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Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply for unemployment in Louisiana for employees?

Application for employers to begin filing unemployment tax payments electronically. It may be filled out online but must be mailed in. Form that every employing unit operating in Louisiana is required to complete and submit for an LA Unemployment Account.

What are the steps to apply for unemployment insurance?

Register and Apply for Unemployment Insurance 1 Create an Account. It’s an important step to register for an online account with us. ... 2 Get Your Information in Order. A little preparation goes a long way! ... 3 Prepare to Apply. Timing is important. ... 4 Apply Now. UI Online is the best way to file your claim. ... 5 Next Steps. ...

What information do employers need to know about unemployment insurance?

Important Information for Employers: Legislation approved to penalize late filing of wage information. Apply for an Unemployment Insurance Account Number. Find answers to questions about Benefits Charges and view recent quarter statements online.

How to register as an employer in Louisiana under Lala?

LA Employer Registration Application Every employing unit operating in Louisiana is required to complete and submit an employer application to receive an official determination of liability or non-liability under the Louisiana Employment Security Law. To find out more about the process, click here.

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