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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 'Lawrence of Arabia' in 4K?

[Editor’s Note: Though we’re reviewing the films in the set one by one, Lawrence of Arabia is currently only available on physical 4K disc in Sony’s Columbia Classics 4K Ultra HD Collection: Volume 1 box set. It’s available on Amazon by clicking here, or on any of the artwork pictured in this review.]

Why is the Lawrence of Arabia special features disc missing?

Due to a manufacturing error, the Columbia Classics 4K Ultra HD Collection currently includes an incorrect LAWRENCE OF ARABIA special features disc, which does not include the full amount of intended content. This does not affect the 4K UHD presentation of the film itself.

Is Lawrence of Arabia a good movie?

Lawrence of Arabia (1962) is David Lean's character study of T. E. Lawrence, as well as Lean's greatest film. The cinematography consists of stunning desert vistas, brilliant lighting, innovative editing, Maurice Jarre's lovely score, and Lean's own fascinating direction.

What is Lawrence of Arabia collector’s Edition – Bluray?

Lawrence of Arabia, 50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition – BluRay: A Treasure Chest of Wonderful Films and Other Special Things Verified purchase

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