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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Lawrence of Arabia stand for?

T.E. Lawrence, in full Thomas Edward Lawrence, byname Lawrence of Arabia, also called (from 1927) T.E. Shaw, (born August 16, 1888, Tremadoc, Caernarvonshire, Wales—died May 19, 1935, Clouds Hill, Dorset, England), British archaeological scholar, military strategist, and author best known for his legendary war activities in...

What is the Arab world’s view of Lawrence?

I fear whatever our need we shall never see his like again.” In the Arab world, memory of Lawrence is far more mixed; indeed, the changing view of him there underscores the lingering bitterness still felt over the peace imposed nearly a century ago.

Where did Lawrence of Arabia live?

T.E. Lawrence (“Lawrence of Arabia”) is immortalized in a portrait at Clouds Hill, his former home near Wool, Dorset County, England. Turkish trenches, remembrances of the war, scar the landscape in Jordan.

Why did Lawrence of war go to Egypt?

Egypt at the time was the staging area for Middle Eastern military operations of prodigious inefficiency; a trip to Arabia convinced Lawrence of an alternative method of undermining Germany’s Turkish ally.

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