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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Lifecare PCA infusion system used?

The LifeCare PCA Infusion System is used in a wide range of clinical settings that includes but is not limited to the following: Product Description The primary drug safety features of the LifeCare PCA Infuser device are the Hospira MedNet Software and the barcode reader that are designed to enhance patient safety and automate drug identification.

Can Lifecare PCA sets be resterilized?

LifeCare PCA sets are for single use only and are not to be resterilized. It is recommended that highly viscous solutions and drugs, colloidal suspensions, and emulsions should not be delivered through the inline backcheck valve of the LifeCare PCA administration set.

Where can the PCA 3 system be used?

Like its predecessor, the PCA Plus II, the PCA 3 system can be used in a wide range of clinical settings, including but not limited to: The PCA 3 Infusion pump allows clinicians to administer or patients to self-administer, analgesia safely and effectively within clinician programmed limits.

When to use Hospira Lifecare PCA set list 6517?

Use Hospira LifeCare PCA Set List 6517 whenever the infuser is in CONTINUOUSorPCA + CONTINUOUSmodes. •When using PCAor PCA + CONTINUOUSMode, another fluid line may be attached to the distal backcheck Y site.

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