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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose the ICU Medical Lifecare PCA system?

With the ICU Medical LifeCare PCA patient-controlled analgesia infusion system, you can be confident you are safely delivering the right drug at the right dose to the right patient in the right concentration.

What is a PCA infusion system?

The LifeCare PCA infusion system is the first and only PCA system with an integrated barcode reader for drug identification and full IV-EHR interoperability. It also offers streamlined programming and enhanced wireless security, helping you provide accurate pain management therapy through safety-enhanced technology.

What is the Lifecare®PCA 3tminfusion system?

1) Descriptive Information The LifeCare®PCA 3TMInfusion System is the newest Hospira LifeCare®PCA device.

Where can the PCA 3 system be used?

Like its predecessor, the PCA Plus II, the PCA 3 system can be used in a wide range of clinical settings, including but not limited to: The PCA 3 Infusion pump allows clinicians to administer or patients to self-administer, analgesia safely and effectively within clinician programmed limits.

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