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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I limit the data using an expression?

To reach the Limit Data Using Expression dialog: Click on the visualization for which you want to limit the data using an expression to make it active. Select Edit > Visualization Properties. Go to the Data page. At the bottom of the page, next to Limit data using expression, click on Edit....

How do I enter an expression in a TIBCO Spotfire field?

You can also enter an expression in the field using the rules described on the Searching in TIBCO Spotfire page. Inserts the columns selected in the Available columns list at the current cursor position in the Expression field.

How do I write a date in Spotfire?

If a String is specified, the date must be written on a form that Spotfire can recognize and all parts of the date (year, month and day) must be present. If three integer arguments are given, then the first argument is the year, the second is the month and the third is the date in that month.

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