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Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to open a liquor store?

Opening a liquor store requires a solid business plan and well-stocked shelves. Specialty shops face a lower turnover rate than larger stores, but for each, properly stocking store inventory requires knowledge of the product, the market and the type of customer the store wants to attract.

Does a liquor store need a liquor license?

Establishments that sell more food than alcohol, on the other hand, will usually need a restaurant liquor license to serve alcohol. Some restaurants may opt for beer and wine liquor licenses, which allow them to only serve beer and wine, not hard liquor. Some special events may also need a permit to sell alcohol.

What does a liquor store sell?

In seventeen alcoholic beverage control (ABC) states, the specialty liquor stores are owned and operated exclusively by the state government, where liquor stores often sell only spirits or sometimes sell spirits and wine but not beer. ABC-run stores may be called ABC stores or state stores.

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