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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the largest liquor store in Los Angeles?

Verchers Liquor Store This is one of largest liquor stores I've been to in the Los Angeles area. They have a very large variety of liquor as well as beers and beverages.… 29. Sunny Liquor & Market Fantastic! I love the family that runs this liquor store. They are very sweet and always have what I need.

How much would it cost to buy a liquor store?

Asking price for the liquor store business is $975,000 If wanting to lease the building instead of purchase of the real estate then it is a lease of 5 to up to 15 years lease option with a $12K per month plus NNN. ==================================================================================

Where to buy beer and wine in Los Angeles?

Neighborhood Beer and Wine Convenience Store is located in a densely populated area in Los Angeles. They have had an excellent reputation for quality, service, and price for many years.

What are the best liquor stores in San Diego?

Nate's Friendly Liquor Store 18. L & M Liquor 19. Liquor Bank 21. Bel Air Liquors 22. Westside Liquor 23. Sun Liquor Shop 24. Cap N' Cork Junior Market Excellent selection of craft beer and California and French wines. The service is top notch. The pricing is also quite good. I highly reccommend… 25. Liquor

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