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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you apply for a LLC?

Forming an LLC. There are a few general rules to follow. Your business will need to apply for a tax ID number, file for the correct licenses and permits, have an Articles of Organization and have an operating agreement. The operating agreement states how your company will be run. Although it is not required by most states, without one,...

Where can I apply for a LLC?

You can register an LLC online, by mail, or in person. Applications can be expedited for additional fees. Each registration method has different processing times and expedite options.

What are the requirements to become a LLC?

While state laws vary, the only requirement for forming an LLC is that the person organizing, or starting, the LLC be of the age of majority, which is typically 18 years old. Almost all states have abolished residency requirements, which required a person to be a state resident in order to form an LLC in that state.

Why you should form a LLC?

Advantages of an LLC Limited Personal Liability. If your business is a sole proprietorship or a partnership, you and your business are legally the same "person." Less Paperwork. Corporations also offer limited liability, but they have to observe certain requirements that may not be well suited to a small, informally run business. Tax Advantages of an LLC. ... More items...

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