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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lowcountry style?

“The Lowcountry style is meant to be practical, simple and understated,” according to Jenny. Many architectural features of Lowcountry homes from years past were utilized for the practical purpose of keeping residents cooler and more comfortable.

What exactly is Lowcountry architecture?

Lowcountry Architecture: A Mix of the Simple, Functional, and Elegant This Regional Architectural Style Highlights Southern Comfort and Style On a 200-mile expanse along the coast of South Carolina and Georgia is the Lowcountry, or Low Country, region - so-called because of its low elevation.

What is the Lowcountry area?

The Lowcountry (also known as the Low Country) is an area along the South Carolina coast that has a culture, geography, architecture, economy and even cuisine of their own.

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