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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mawa made of?

How to make mawa – 5 ways of making mawa » Granular Khoya – Also known as danedar Khoya. It’s grainy in texture and is soft and looks like curdled milk. Its moisture content is in between the hard mawa and soft mawa. It is soft and grainy in texture and is used to make kalakand and granular burfi.

What is the taste of mawa?

This mawa has a slightly granular texture and has a rich nutty flavor. Is Mawa and Paneer the same? Mawa and paneer both are milk derivatives, but they are two different things. Paneer also referred to as Cheena, is an Indian cottage cheese made by curdling milk with an acid like lemon juice or vinegar.

What is Mawa milk used for?

Mawa is a coagulated milk solid that is widely used in Indian cooking. It is the base for many Indian/South Asian recipes ranging from sweets to savory dishes.

What is khoya (mawa)?

Khoya or mawa is a thickened milk solid that is widely used in Indian cooking. It is base for many good Indian recipes like burfis and Gulab Jamuns. Learn how to make dense yet moist, decadent mawa at home.

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