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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you convert M4a files to MP3 format?

How to Convert M4A File to MP3 Select your M4A file. There are a number of cloud conversion sites, but our favorite for this particular task is... Customize your output settings. Once you've selected your file, you'll be presented with the conversion options... Convert the file. Click the red Convert button on the right-hand side. When the... See More....

Is m4a audio format better than MP3?

Well, the M4A file has better sound quality compared to the MP3. Influencing this is the large bit rate of the M4A, which translates to a relatively larger file size, thus better sound quality. Ideally, the original sound of the music is maintained when one is downloading an audio sing the format M4A format.

Is mp4 and M4A the same?

Although the mp4 and .m4a belong from the same line of MPEG-4, yet they are different. Talking about .m4a files, they are smaller in size and have better sound quality over a wide range than any mp3 file.

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