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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a straight wire be a self inductor?

We generally associate inductance with a loop or coil of wire. However, even a straight piece of wire, or your electrode, has some self-inductance. This can be important if you are dealing with low impedances (< 1 ohm) at high frequencies (> 10kHz).

What distance is the magnetic field from the wire?

The table shows the relationshio between magnetic force and distance, as measured by the compass needle deflection method. A really important point: the compass could detect magnet field at 356 mm, over seven inches away.

What is the magnetic field inside a wire?

Whenever a current flows in a wire there is a magnetic field around the wire. That magnetic field will interact with the original magnetic field in such a way that it makes the wire harder to move. How much harder depends on how much current flows. This just means it will take more force to move the wire through the field.

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