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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the multiple functions of a bar magnet?

Bar magnets are used as stirrers in laboratory for magnetic experiments. They also find applications in medical procedures. Electronic devices such as telephones, radios, and television sets use magnets. Many industries use bar magnets for the collection of loose metals and also for retaining magnetism of other magnets.

What is the shape of the magnetic field around a bar magnet?

The magnetic field lines around a bar magnet have certain properties: The magnetic lines always form closed, continuous lines on both sides of the magnet. These lines do not intersect each other, and move from the north towards the south, seeking the path of least resistance, due to which they form loops.

What is the magnetic moment of a bar magnet?

Similarly, the magnetic moment of a bar magnet is the sum of the contributing magnetic moments, which include the intrinsic and orbital magnetic moments of the unpaired electrons of the magnet's material and the nuclear magnetic moments.

Is a bar magnet a permanent magnet or temporary magnet?

The permanent magnet never requires electricity to behave like a magnet, whereas the temporary magnet always requires electricity to behave as a magnet. The permanent magnet also called a bar magnet, while a temporary magnet also called an electromagnet.

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