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Frequently Asked Questions

Which unit can we use to measure a magnetic field?

The International System unit for measuring magnetism is the tesla which measures something called the magnetic flux density, but teslas are only really useful for measuring very large magnetic fields. A more suitable way to measure smaller magnetic fields is to use the unit gauss. One tesla equals 10,000 gauss.

What is the unit to measure the strength of a magnetic field?

The SI unit of the magnetic field strength is ampere per meter (A/m); in CGS it is measured in oersteds (Oe). In a vacuum, if the magnetizing field strength is 1 Oe, then the magnetic flux density is 1 Gs.

What are the SI units for magnetic field strength?

The name of the SI unit for magnetic field strength (symbol H), such as that created around a current-carrying wire is the Ampere per metre (A/m). A related quantity is the magnetic flux density (symbol B) which is measured in units of Tesla. The variable of proportionality between B and H is known as the permeability (symbol mu).

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