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Frequently Asked Questions

What is used to measure magnitude?

There are a number of ways to measure the magnitude of an earthquake. The first widely-used method, the Richter scale, was developed by Charles F. Richter in 1934. It used a formula based on amplitude of the largest wave recorded on a specific type of seismometer and the distance between the earthquake and the seismometer.

How do you calculate magnitude and direction?

Calculate the direction The direction can often be measured with a protractor. Place the bottom of the protractor along the line that represents 0 degrees and determine at what angle the vector is. Convert your angle so it is relative to the nearest cardinal direction if necessary.

What does magnitude mean?

Magnitude generally refers to the quantity or distance. In relation to the movement, we can correlate magnitude with the size and speed of the object while travelling. The size of the object or the amount is its magnitude.

Does magnitude mean value?

Magnitude is the quantitative value of seismic energy. It is a specific value having no relation with distance and direction of the epicentre. We can say that magnitude is the size of an earthquake. We measure the magnitude with the help of the Richter scale.

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