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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of maker?

e : a person who experiments with creating, constructing, modifying, or repairing objects especially as a hobby With 3D printers and sewing machines, laser cutters and hand tools, makers are innovating and revolutionizing the creative process of turning ideas into tangible objects.

What is makerdao?

MakerDAO, the first entity inside the larger Maker ecosystem, was created in 2015 by Rune Christensen, an entrepreneur from Sealand, Denmark. Christensen graduated from Copenhagen University with a degree in biochemistry and studied international business at the Copenhagen Business School.

What is maker2zff and maker2eval_gtf?

maker2zff - Pulls out MAKER gene models from the MAKER GFF3 output and convert them into ZFF format for SNAP training. maker2eval_gtf - This script converts MAKER GFF3 files into GTF formated files for the program EVAL (an annotation sensitivity/specificity evaluating program).

What is the difference between maker_Exe and maker_bopt?

maker_exe.ctl - contains the path information for the underlying executables. maker_bopt.ctl - contains filtering statistics for BLAST and Exonerate maker_opt.ctl - contains all other information for MAKER, including the location of the input genome file.

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