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Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove add-ons from Firefox?

How to remove Firefox add-ons Launch Firefox. Click on the three horizontal lines at the top right of the page. Choose Add-ons (you can also use the keyboard shortcut Command-Shift-A). Select Extensions in the left hand sidebar. Scan the list of extensions until you find the one you want to remove. You now have three options. ... More items...

How do you set home page on Firefox?

How to set your home page in Firefox. Click on the General option in the left menu. In the Home Page section click on the Use Current Page button. Press the OK button to exit the options screen. Now when you start Firefox or click on the Home button it will load the page that you specified in the previous steps.

How do I stop redirects in Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox. In Firefox, click the "Open Menu" button, which has three horizontal lines. Click the "Options" button in the panel that opens. Click the "Advanced" button and then the "General" tab. In the Accessibility section, check the "Warn Me When Websites Try to Redirect or Reload the Page" box.

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