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Frequently Asked Questions

What does 'management by exception' mean?

Management by exception. Management by exception is a style of business management that focuses on identifying and handling cases that deviate from the norm, recommended as best practice by the project management method PRINCE2.

What is the management by exception?

Management by exception. Management by exception is the practice of examining the financial and operational results of a business, and only bringing issues to the attention of management if results represent substantial differences from the budgeted or expected amount.

What is management by exception active?

In active Management By Exception the leader actively monitors the work of the employees and takes immediate corrective actions when something goes wrong in the production process. In passive Management By Exception the leader only intervenes when objectives have not been met or after problems have become serious.

What is exception management system?

Exception management is a well-defined system that is used to create, manage, track, and report the exceptions in the Control Compliance Suite. The exception management system provides a central place for handling exceptions of different modules in Control Compliance Suite.

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