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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the county assessor lower your taxes?

There is nothing an individual County Assessor can do about this, and there is really nothing a County Assessor can do to raise or lower anyone's taxes, other than fix any mistakes that might have been made in valuing a property. County Assessors are tasked with one thing: To put a fair and accurate value on every piece of property.

What does the Maricopa County assessor's office do?

The Assessor's office is required to locate, identify, and classify all properties in Maricopa County. Part of this requirement is to assure properties are accurately listed in order for each property to pay their fair portion of the property taxes needed to provide services.

When are property taxes due?

KEY DATES 2020 April 30th First half of property taxes due (If taxes are less than $50, full payment is due.) April 30th Personal property listing forms due June 1 Three percent penalty assessed on delinquent taxes July 1 Appeals to the County Board of Equalization must be filed by July 1 or within 60 days of notification. Sept. ... Oct. ... Dec. ...

Where can you find property tax records?

Property records are maintained at either the county courthouse, county recorder, city hall or another city or county department. Many public offices are staffed by knowledgeable personnel ready to help you find property deeds and encumbrances.

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