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Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be the next Maricopa County Assessor?

Republican incumbent Eddie Cook and Democrat Aaron Connor are facing off in the race for the next Maricopa County assessor in the general election. Cook was appointed in 2019 after his predecessor, Paul Peterson, resigned following charges of human trafficking and fraud tied to an alleged international adoption scheme.

Who are the Maricopa County Appraisers?

Information about Maricopa County Appraisers. Approximately 10% of the county workforce is made up of active or retired military personnel. Some of those team members work right here at the Assessor’s Office, including Chief Deputy Assessor Dawn Marie Buckland and IT Senior Manager Troy Ares. Read more

Could race shape the future of Maricopa County Sheriff's office?

The race could shape the future of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, which oversees around 3,300 employees and houses four county jails in the fastest growing county in the nation.

Who are the candidates for county assessor and recorder?

Appointed county assessor Eddie Cook, a Republican, leads Democrat Aaron Connor. For county recorder, Republican challenger Stephen Richer overtook the lead held by Democrat incumbent Adrian Fontes on Saturday morning.

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