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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the security level of Maricopa County Jail?

This facility can hold up to 50 inmates. These inmates are from minimum-security level all the way to the maximum-security level. There are both male and female inmates. Maricopa County Surprise Jail is supplied with medical staff, mental health staff, a kitchen, administrative segregation, medical segregation, and disciplinary housing.

Who is the current Sheriff of Maricopa County?

The current Sheriff of Maricopa County is Paul Penzone, elected in 2016. As a result of policies and practices under former sheriff Joe Arpaio the MCSO has received significant critical media coverage, federal investigation, and judicial oversight. The MCSO does not possess a legal identity separate from Maricopa County.

Will county detention facility inmate phone calls?

Steven Turnage, of Texarkana, is currently housed in the Ouachita County Detention Center on federal fraud charges related to counterfeiting.

What is Maricopa County jail like?

They are cold cells. Sometimes very stuffy if they are crammed with people. While spending time in jail may not be a pleasant experience, it doesn't have to be surprising. That's why we've provided you with recent, accurate accounts of life in the Maricopa County Jail from actual inmates who have "been there/done that."

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