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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I marry an inmate at the county jail?

A: Yes-Depending County specific regulations. Any inmate who wants to marry can submit to the Warden/designee, a written request for authorization to marry. The intended spouse must also submit a written statement verifying his/her intention to marry the inmate.

Who is the current Sheriff of Maricopa County?

Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. It also operates the county jail system. Paul Penzone is the current Sheriff of Maricopa County. As the elected sheriff, Penzone is the top law enforcement official in Maricopa County. Its ongoing practices are highly controversial, to which it has received national and international media coverage,...

What is a county jail?

County jail. The term "county jail" is used in the United States for jails maintained to hold prisoners in each of the many county divisions of a U.S. state. People may be moved into a county jail immediately after they are arrested, or may later be transferred to a county jail from a local holding cell or detention center.

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