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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a job in Maricopa County?

Online listings for employment opportunities are available on the Maricopa County employment site. Maricopa County offers careers in a wide variety of public sector professions and new job opportunities are posted on an ongoing basis.

How do I use [email protected] County?

In addition to accessing [email protected] - Maricopa County services, you will be able to use this account to write and post resumes, perform advanced job searches, receive job alerts, etc. If you have any questions while creating your account, please contact your local career center for assistance.

What is [email protected] County Human Services?

The [email protected] - Maricopa County Human Services Department team is available to support you and your family with the necessary services and resources for successfully pursuing employment opportunities. Eligible veterans are entitled to receive priority services in job referrals and training, as well as other employment services.

Does Maricopa County have an Employment Preference Program?

Depending on the employment opportunity, employment preference points may be available to veterans, disabled veterans or a veteran's spouse or surviving spouse. Applying for a job with Maricopa County is a simple online process.

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