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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Maricopa login sign-in policy?

Login via this sign-in page is limited to Maricopa personnel with internal IDs and passwords in SIS.

Why join Maricopa Community College's special student programs?

If you are ready to take your college experience to the next level, consider joining one of Maricopa Community College's special student programs. Whether your goal is to see the world or excel in your academics, we have the program you are looking for.

Why study abroad at Maricopa Community College?

With Maricopa Community College's study abroad programs, you’ll earn credits while you discover other cultures and attain new insight on the importance of fostering global connections.

What is your student center and how do I use it?

Your Student Center is where you access your class schedule, outstanding charges, grades, and other useful things. You can also check out your Advising Notes and Degree Progress Report, as well as complete your Personal Information Update from here. Learn more about these processes by navigating to the respective pages located on the right-sidebar.

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