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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a job in Maricopa County AZ?

Access TheHUB the County’s Learning Management System. Access NEOGOV for the Recruitment, Perform, and On-boarding. Access Jobs.Maricopa.Gov to see County internal and external jobs.

What is Maricopa County known for?

Maricopa County is home to one of the largest regional parks systems in the nation with over 120,000 acres of open space, including hundreds of miles of trails.

How do I review training materials for my Maricopa account?

We encourage you to log into the portal and take a look at your account. To review training materials, click here . If you experience any issues with your account, please contact [email protected] Will I still be able to access ADP through OKTA?

Can I still access ADP through Okta?

Yes, you can still access ADP through OKTA. You will log in through the current portal, so any saved bookmarks will continue to be accessible and your username and password will not change. If you experience issues with logging in through OKTA, please follow the steps above for clearing your cache and cookies.

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