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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Marines have been charged in the Marine Corps abuse scandal?

In total, the investigation has identified 119 potential culprits ― 97 of whom are Marines ― in the wake of the scandal, according to Marine Corps officials.

What happened to Marines United?

Marines United sent shockwaves through the Marine Corps, roiled federal legislators, and captured media attention domestically and abroad when The War Horse and Reveal broke the scandal in early March 2017. But all parties are not aligned on how to address the exploitative behavior displayed in the Marines United Facebook group.

Can you get court-martial for the Marines United scandal?

Other courts-martial stemming from crackdown following the Marines United scandal include: On May 2, 2017, a lance corporal was convicted at a special court-martial for posting images of a victim’s private area.

Did a marine get sentenced to military jail?

Military officials announced Monday that the unidentified marine has been sentenced to a military jail, and a "reduction in rank by three grades, and a forfeiture of two-thirds of one month’s pay.” Officials also said the Corps has begun the process to “administratively separate” from the Marine, which is the process used to fire Marines.

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