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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the marine shop open at MCB Quantico?

The Marine Shop – Quantico store is located within MCB Quantico and is open to all Marines, veterans, retirees, or fans of the Marine Corps. However, visitors to the base must have appropriate identification or credentials. You can find more information regarding base access on the MCB Quantico website.

How do I contact the Marine Corps Quantico mass notification system?

U.S. Marines compete in the Marine Corps Marksmanship... Changes to the base operating status will be reflected here and posted through the MCB Quantico Mass Notification System (QMNS), Facebook page, Twitter and on the MCBQ Hotline at 703-784-3638. Click here to view the MCB Quantico Weather page for more details.

Who is the commanding officer of MCB Quantico?

Col. William C. Bentley III, Marine Corps Base Quantico, commanding officer, speaks about his personality and interests on MCB Quantico, Va., Jan. 25, 2021. Bentley has decided to move down to...

Why shop at thrift shops?

Visit our thrift shops to get great prices on clothing, uniforms, and household goods. Stretch your budget with gently used items that cost much less than the same items that are brand new. Thrift shops are a great place to get temporary or permanent items if you’ve just moved, or if you’re replacing items lost in a fire or natural disaster.

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