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Frequently Asked Questions

Which cities share ZIP codes with MCBH Kaneohe Bay?

Cities sharing Zip Codes with Mcbh Kaneohe Bay Zip Code Secondary City 96863 M C B H K Bay 96863 Mcbh K Bay 96863 Mcbh Kaneohe Bay

How do I contact the Marine Corps Base in Hawaii?

By Mail: Marine Corps Base Hawaii ATTN: COMMSTRAT S-3 Operations Box 63002 Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii 96863-3002. By E-mail: [email protected] Phone Numbers: Noise Advisory (808) 257-8832 Community Relations (808) 257-8876 Media Office (808) 257-8870

How do I contact MCB Hawaii about technical issues?

To contact MCB Hawaii about technical issues regarding the access to and accessibility of our Web pages, please send an email to [email protected] . Please include as much detail as possible, such as the specific page or link, and any error messages you received.

What does Marine Corps Base Hawaii do?

Skip to main content (Press Enter). Marine Corps Base Hawaii provides forward-based, sustainable and secure training and operational support, facilities, and services to enable Operational Forces to accomplish their mission.

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