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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Marine Corps Trp program?

The TRP ensures that Marines are prepared for their transition from military to civilian life and provides Marines and their families with the tools and resources needed to pursue Department of Defense (DOD) directed Career Readiness Standards (CRS).

What does TRP stand for?

The Transition Readiness Program (TRP) provides exposures to opportunities in transition, career, and employment assistance to Active Duty (AD), Reserve Component (RC), and eligible family members through the Career Resource Center and online accessible services.

What is a TRP™ 1911?

Springfield Armory® took the 1911, a gun that’s been around longer than penicillin and dialed up a modern, professional-grade weapon that has been the gold standard in production 1911s for over a decade — the legendary TRP™.

How do I get a capstone for TRP?

Capstones offered by appointment only. Call 257-7790 to book appointments or go to the TRP Office Bldg 244. Schedule your final capstone interview with the Commanding Officer or assigned Capstone Designee. DD2648/eForm is signed during this interview by Commanding Officer or designee.

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