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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit a Canada TRP application online?

Applying for a Canada TRP is a complex legal procedure! Despite the existence of incorrect information on the Internet suggesting it can be done on your own by simply filling out an online form, it is not possible to submit a Canada TRP application online!

Can I apply for a Canada temporary resident permit (TRP) in Vancouver?

On the other hand, if you have an important work trip to Toronto, or want to visit close family in Vancouver, it is definitely possible for your Canada Temporary Resident Permit application to include a convincing narrative of the importance of your ability to enter the country. Applying for a Canada TRP is a complex legal procedure!

Can I request a TRP for a single visit?

It is possible to request a TRP for a single visit, or for multiple-entries for up to three years. The duration you request needs to be justified with supporting documentation, however, so asking for a three-year TRP when you only have one trip to the country planned may not be smart unless you have evidence of possible future travel.

How do I apply for an arc or a TRP?

If you’re preparing a separate application for an ARC, a TRP or criminal rehabilitation, you must submit it directly to the visa office responsible for your region by mail or courier only. Learn more about the ARC and how to apply for a TRP or criminal rehabilitation.

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