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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did mcbroken come from?

Zahid developed over the course of a few weekends this summer from his home in Berlin, Germany, after trying to order some ice cream at a McDonald's and was told the machine was broken. This excuse has become such a common refrain across the world that it's spawned countless memes over the years.

What is McDonald's'mcbroken'?

'McBroken' aims to fix a common problem for McDonald's customers: arriving to find the ice-cream machine is broken. The website works in real time to tell users if an ice cream machine is up and running or not.

How many mcbroken locations are there in Germany?

Zahid first tested McBroken in Germany, which has around 1,500 locations. He biked to every location in Berlin, placing manual sundae orders to determine if his bot was returning the correct information. It passed with flying colors.

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