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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mcbroken and how does it work?

McBroken was created by software engineer Rashiq Zahid, who tells the Verge that he came up with the idea over the summer after attempting twice to order a McSundae in Berlin — once from a touchscreen kiosk, once from the mobile app — to no avail.

How much would it cost to reverse engineer McDonalds internal API?

I reverse engineered mcdonald's internal api and I'm currently placing an order worth $18,752 every minute at every mcdonald's in the US to figure out which locations have a broken ice cream machine

How many mcbroken locations are there in Germany?

Zahid first tested McBroken in Germany, which has around 1,500 locations. He biked to every location in Berlin, placing manual sundae orders to determine if his bot was returning the correct information. It passed with flying colors.

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