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What does 'mean' mean?

Mean: A mean is a mathematical term, that describes the average of a sample. In Statistics, the definition of the mean is similar to the average. What is the Difference Between Average and Mean? Average and mean are usually confused with one another as both the mathematical terms are used to explain the set of numbers.

What is difference between the mean and the average?

Difference Between Mean and Average Average. The average is defined as the sum of given numbers divided by the total number of numbers being averaged. Mean. Mean is the central point of the set of values. ... There are 3 Types of Mean Arithmetic Mean. ... Geometric Mean. ... Harmonic Mean. ... Key Points of Average and Mean Are Summarised in the Following Table. ...

What is an example of mean?

example noun [ C ] (TYPICAL CASE) › something that is typical of the group that it is a member of or that can be used to represent it: Let me give you an example of what I mean. For example (= as a particular case showing a more general situation), some states allow one adult to care for as many as 12 infants.

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