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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Meen and mean?

As verbs the difference between mean and meen is that mean is to intend or mean can be to complain, lament while meen is . is (obsolete) common; general or mean can be having the mean (see noun below ) as its value. is .

What does 'mean' mean?

A mean is a mathematical term, that describes the average of a sample. In Statistics, the definition of the mean is similar to the average where it is the sum of all the given data values divided by the total number of data values given in the set.

Is mean a verb?

transitive verb. : to use (a word and especially a noun) as a verb : to make (a word) into a verb A television announcer in Vero Beach, Fla., spoke of a promise "to upkeep the beach," thus verbing a word that had been in use as an honest noun since 1884.— James Kilpatrick But it is by no means unusual for a noun to be verbed.— Theodore M. Bernstein.

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