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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose MedStar Montgomery Medical Center?

Today, MedStar Montgomery Medical Center, now a 138-bed hospital and a proud member of MedStar Health, remains true to its roots by offering sophisticated, high-quality treatment along with individualized care.

Why choose Olney Medical Center?

Located in the heart of Olney our facility offers the convenience of a community hospital and the sophistication of a larger, metropolitan medical center—providing access to the best healthcare in the region.

What is your review of MedStar Health billing practice?

She is amazing and I highly recommend MedStar Health billing practice needs massive improvement. My son ended up in the ER in January for severe flu symptoms. He was treated and sent home within a few hours. Hospital and physician bill was sent a few months later stating no insurance pay in full.

What is the MedStar Health Network?

We are part of the MedStar Health network, the area's top non-governmental employer, and are affiliated with numerous specialty groups such as the MedStar Georgetown Cancer Institute and the MedStar Orthopaedic Institute.

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