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Frequently Asked Questions

Why sign me up for MedStar Health?

Sign me up for MedStar Health updates. It's how we treat people. We are the largest healthcare provider in Maryland and the Washington, D.C., metro area, consistently recognized regionally and nationally for excellence in medical care. If you excel at what you do because you genuinely care — we want to talk to you.

Is medmedstar health an equal opportunity employer?

MedStar Health is an Equal Opportunity (EO) Employer and is committed to equal opportunity for all associates and candidates for employment. Where federal, state or local laws contain mandatory requirements that differ from the provisions of this section, such legal requirements prevail for associates working in affected locations.

What is mymyhealth online?

MyHealth OnLine is your comprehensive resource to health and wellness—including a MyHealth Questionnaire with personalized results, health trackers and tools to help you achieve your goals, and expert health information. Register now, by clicking "Create an online account now."

What is medmedstar Institute for Innovation?

MedStar Institute for Innovation (MI2) creates a vibrant innovation ecosystem designed to transform care and advance health. Creative initiatives serve as a portal for new ideas and better practices--both from inside and outside of health care.

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