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Frequently Asked Questions

How often does Menards have 11% rebate?

How Often Does the Rebate Sale Occur? The Menards 11% Rebate Sale is held about once a month, but the dates are not publicized ahead of time. This is in line with what employees have said online. If you're holding out for a Menards 11% Rebate Sale, you might want to sign up for the Menards Email Program. That way, when Menards offers its next 11% Rebate Sale, you'll get a notification.

How does a Menards rebate work?

Menards rebates are easy. You don’t have to cut any UPCs off product packaging or send photocopies of your receipt. When you buy a rebate item at Menards, a second rebate receipt automatically prints at the bottom of your main receipt. There’s a number at the top of each product’s rebate receipt. This corresponds to the number of the rebate.

How long are Menards rebate checks good for?

The Menards® Rebate Center works diligently to send out your rebate checks as quickly as possible, however we ask that you allow 6 to 8 weeks for processing. After you mail in your rebate forms you are able to track the status online using your name and address or rebate receipt numbers.

Is Menards having 11% off?

Menards advertise 11% percent off all purchases with a mail in rebate. First it isn't 11% off since you must purchase it at full price and pay sales tax on that price. For example, you buy something priced $100 so you pay $106 with tax. You mail in a rebate, because you can't do it online, costing you an envelope and stamp, and get $11 off.

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