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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mesh in medical terms?

MeSH is the acronym for Medical Subject Headings. MEDLINE uses a controlled vocabulary, meaning that there is a specific set of terms used to describe each article. Each MeSH term represents a single concept used in the biomedical literature.

What is the definition of mesh?

Definition of mesh. 1 : one of the openings between the threads or cords of a net also : one of the similar spaces in a network —often used to designate screen size as the number of openings per linear inch.

What is mesh infection?

Mesh Infection. One of its complications is mesh infections, the inflammation and irritation of the muscle wall after bacteria infects the area where the mesh is located. This more likely to happen during open hernia repair surgery than laparoscopic hernia repair surgery because the incision is larger and the wound is open longer.

What is a synonym for MeSH?

Synonyms for Meshing: n. •meshing (noun) interlock, network, engagement, net, meshwork, mesh, interlocking, reticulation.

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